An unforgettable experience, the DO Empordà Wine Route immerses you in deep-rooted traditions dating as far back as Roman times, revealing the secrets of red, white and rosé Empordà wines.


DO Empordà. Tramuntana wines


Surrounded by the forests of Les Gavarres, these biodynamic vineyards are in balance and harmony with the environment.

Cruïlles, Monells and Sant Sadurní de l’Heura

(Baix Empordà) Post Office No. 27,

La Bisbal d’Empordà, 17100 Girona (Spain).

872 006 976

A winery in the medieval village of Sant Martí Vell, part of the Natural Park of Las Gavarras,. It is a young winery using traditional methods which respect the environment.

Paratge Mont-rolled, 3

17462 Sant Martí Vell


The Winery at Brugarol was built by RCR architects, winners of the Pritzker Prize, and is hidden under the vineyards. The still and sparkling wines of Brugarol, under the direction of winemaker Josep Trallero, have collected various awards and distinctions for their quality and craftsmanship.

You can visit the winery, including a tasting, for€18; and stay on for lunch in the restaurant for a total of € 65.

Camí de Bell Lloc s / n of Palamós

(17230 Spain)

+34 902 101 466


There are sommeliers specialists to do tastings, pairings and to know everything about the DO EMpordà, for example Laura Masramon